Our Technologies

Some of the parts that make us great!
Machine Learning

Our custom made deep learning systems can propel your application with tuned artificial intelligence.

Game Development

Accelerate development of your next entertainment application with our game development tools and the DarkGlass game engine.

About US

We're greater than the sum of our parts!
>igital ∑nvy Software, Greater than the sum.

Digital Envy Software began as an online coding group founded by myself, Craig Chapman in the late 90's. Our small team delivered a web development tool to the freeware market which attained over 200,000 downloads in it's first week.

Having released that tool. our personal lives began to draw our commitments away from the group. In the years that have passed, I've never forgotten how our small team was able to work so well together, to produce a popular product.

Today, Digital Envy Software is back, albeit with fewer members and the odd new face. We have a new focus to deliver Machine Learning and Video Game Development products. We are committed to once more be greater than our sum.

  • Machine Learning

    We are still new to the game with machine learning, but we're already seeing great potential with our machine learning product development.

  • Video Game Engine

    Our current game engine is in it's very early development stages, but we have strong prototypes to work from and are making steady progress.

  • Community Focus

    Everything we do is for the developer community that we love. We aim to provide the best tools to acellerate your projects.

  • Object Pascal

    While our products will be usable with just about any compiler, our own code-base, and all of our products, are written entirely in Object Pascal!

Meet the team

Our small growing team of professional engineers.
Craig Chapman
Craig Chapman
CEO & Cheif Engineer
Craig Chapman

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